Friday, 17 June 2011

A Good Stonemason and a set of Flimsy roof bars!

2007 was a year in which knocking holes in old and wide stone walls seemed to be the norm during our visits to Brittany although I'm glad it wasn't me that was doing the damage!

One typical characteristic of old cottages is that the original windows are rather small and this is the case at 1 Chemin du Canal! The plan was to purchase a set of oak French doors, hire a stone mason to make a big whole in the living room wall and to fit the new French doors. 

Firstly we ordered a set of oak doors from a shop in St Brieuc. We went to collect the doors in our old ford fiesta with a cheap set of roof bars on top. We expected to collect two single doors and for sticks for the frame and not the whole lot ready assembled in one big flat unit which was slightly wider than the car! The journey back which normally takes around 40 mins took over 2 hrs avoiding the motorway! 

French Doors Fresh From Shop!

I'm so glad we hired a good stone mason. I was impressed with the skill level used to make good the new vertical wall edges. So all in all a good job done!

 French Doors from Back Garden

 From indoors

Oak lintel and vertical wall end

Following the work on the French doors, Iain (the stonemason)  knocked through another hole in the internal gable end wall between the bedroom and the loft space above the kitchen (future bathroom). I think the pictures below demonstrates the scale of the work pretty well and once again we're very happy with the end result. The straight edges are great!

Iain, if you're reading this, I hope you and the family are keeping well!


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